Guard Röd GAMCHA 20 cm

Guard Röd GAMCHA 20 cm

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Guard Röd GAMCHA

Gamcha produkter är handgjorda i Nepal av ull från New Zealand. Varje produkt är omsorgsfullt tillverkad av nepalesiska kvinnor som har bra arbetsvillkor.

100% Ull

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Höjd: 20 cm

Since year 2000 Søbogaard has been working in Nepal and along with our Nepalese friends we started a lot of activities through the years. The latest initiative is handmade felt products for children, which we call Gamcha. Our felt products come from Friends Handicraft near Kathmandu. In 2004 Shanti and Nirjala began to make felt. Since then the production has expanded quickly for the two women and they now have more than 125 employees, mostly women. Our goal by selling felt is to create more jobs for women in Nepal, which rarely have the same terms as men. From being 100 employees in 2016, there are now 125 employees in 2017. Everyone is welcome to visit the production place in Nepal, which many already have done. 
The felt is made of 100% wool from New Zealand and is of the highest quality.
The wool is dyed with colors that are 100% AZO-free.